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Complete Guide on Getting Personal Loan in United States | 2020 Latest Guide

According to new analytics “Almost 18 Million people in United States have bought personal loans in 2019”. Their average price was about $15000.

A big population in US is hungry for personal loans but the main disadvantage is that they use this money for vacations, marriages instead of invest in small businesses

The question of decade is that “Why so many Americans are buying personal loans while economy strength is so much high”. If it will be growing at the same ratio then it could be a great weed for the country

Personal loans are unsafe, meaning there is no essential skill like a home or car that backs the loan if someone cannot refund. The average personal loan balance is $17,289. It is very similar to credit card debt.

In the past 5 years Personal loan balance has increased 15 percent. According to Bank of New York “the tendency comes as U.S. customer debit has touched highest levels”.

The swift progress in personal loans has developed unlimited number of apps and websites that have made finding these loans a relaxed procedure that can be done from any site.

“You can get loans very speedily and with a very flat support online.”

Some of these loan advantages include:

  1. By getting personal loans you can enhance your financial strength to more than $20,000.

  2. Buying a property

  3. Getting higher education

  4. Purchasing a car

  5. Curing different medical diseases

  6. Marriage-related expenses

  7. A family vacation

  8. Purchasing latest electronic gadgets or home appliances

  9. Meeting unexpected medical expenses

  10. Other emergencies

Questions you should be prepared to answer:

1. Why do you need this money?

Most moneylenders aren’t too worried about how you’ll use the loan, by describing your need could help the bank in recommending the finest loan package for your requirements.

2. How much and how long you can afford personal loan?

Based on an analysis of your financial strength moneylender will define how much they are willing to give off. You should pass through the process with a compact idea of the payment you can afford and how much time you’ll need to refund it. Don’t buy loan more than you need.

3. What is your credit score?

Once the application process is started, they will do a hard investigation of your total credit. If your credit strength is not high enough to meet the requirements, the financier is able to cancel your application because you are unable to meet the requirement.

4. Personal loan prequalification requirements:

You have to consider in mind a few inquiries to see which personal loans are most suitable for you. The process is fast and informal.

Documents Requirements:

1. Loan application:

To start the loan process every loan person has to fill the form which is provided by every lander.

2. Identity Verification:

Second process is identity verification. Every lender will verify your identity to determine if you have 18+ years of age, permanent resident of USA or United States citizen. You’ll typically need to present two forms of identification, such as:

  • National ID card

  • Driver’s license

  • Passport

  • Certificate of citizenship

  • Birth certificate

  • Military ID (optional)

3. Employment and income verification:

You can verify your revenue with the following documents:

  • Paychecks (usually the last two)

  • W2s and 1099s (tax alternative is W2s and 1099s. Mostly moneylenders ask about last two years

  • Some lenders may ask for your employer’s contact information

  • Tax returns (usually the last two years)

  • Bank accounts statements (usually at least two months)

4. Address Verification:

Verification of your address can help lander to determine about your living situation and lifestyle. Usually these are used:

  • Average Utility bill

  • Voter registration card

  • Lease agreement

  • Rental contract

  • Any insurance proof


Applying for a personal loan is not so much difficult. Be ready to answer questions, provide the compulsory documents, and you’ll easily get personal loan for your needs. But remember one thing. You haven’t owned the loan but have also put your all interest that could be lost during repayment period so be sure before buying any loan for yourself.

Best Occasions to get a personal loan:

Personal loans can be a valuable option in different conditions.

1. Combine Credit Cards:

If you have one or more credit cards that are charged more, you could get a personal loan to merge all the charges into one monthly expense. What makes this picture even more interesting: The interest rate on the personal loan could be lower than the annual rate of interest in your credit cards.

2. Refinance Student Loans:

Refinancing student loans can provide economic liberation. Your student loan interest rate may be 7.8% or could be higher. You should get a student loan of lower interest rate that allows you to repay your loan faster.

3. Purchasing a want or need:

If you are buying anything whether it is a want or a need. If you’re going to take out a loan giving the seller in cash might be a better idea than funding through the seller on high-interest credit card. Then you can decide which is the better choice.

4. Pay for a Wedding event:

A personal loan for a big expenses like for a wedding ceremony, this might save you a significant amount of money on interest charges, provided it has a lower rate than your credit card.

Any large event—such as a wedding expenses could be managed, if you would finish up pushing all related charges on your credit card without paying them within a month.

5. Enhancement in Credit Score:

A personal loan might help your credit score in two ways.

1: If your credit report shows mostly credit debt, a personal loan might help your “account mixture”. Different types of loans is mostly favorable for your score.

2: Personal loan can lower your ratio of credit utilization (the amount of total credit you’re using related to your credit edge) the lower the amount of your total credit you use, the higher your score.

3: Paying back the loan on time is always good for your credit score.


Getting a Personal loans can be valuable, in the right circumstances. For example, most people were unable to afford a home, buying a car etc. Be sure to consult with a honest economic organization.

Table of Contents:

1: Personal loan advantages

2: Questions you should be prepared to answer

  1. Why do you need this money

  2. How much and how long you can afford personal loan

  3. What is your credit score

  4. Personal loan prequalification requirements

  • Loan application

  • Identity Verification

  • Employment and income verification

  • Address Verification

3: Best Occasions to get a personal loan:

  • Combine Credit Cards

  • Refinance Student Loans

  • Purchasing a want or need

  • Pay for a Wedding event

  • Enhancement in Credit Score

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