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How does a1DebtFree work?


A1DebtFree is a financial consultant that helps you find the best deal on the type of loan that you are seeking.  We give our consumers multiple offers from various lenders instantly, with side by side comparisons, making shopping easy. An online loan marketplace that’s available at the touch of your fingers. Whether you might be looking for a mortgage as a first time homebuyer or you are looking to pursue your dreams and file for a small business loan, we are here to help.


What is a1DebtFree?


By visiting, you are accessing the leading online loan marketplace in your local area.  a1DebtFree takes the demand of our consumers and connects them to the loan services that our lenders supply. a1DebtFree lenders offer a variety of loan types such as payday loans, personal loans, and bad credit loans.  We also work with small businesses to help their customers with an alternative way to finance products/services that they are interested in.  a1DebtFree provides a convenient ‘one-stop-shop’ for your loan needs while giving you the ability to compare and contrast the value of each lender before picking the right one for you!


Does a1DebtFree charge any upfront fees?


a1DebtFree does not charge any type of fees for the service of matching its consumers, or borrowers, with lenders. Furthermore, no lender that a1DebtFree matches you with will have any request for an upfront fee to “guarantee” or “insure” the loan. Please be cautious if you are asked to pay an upfront fee as a suggestion, or “insurance”, to help you secure the loan before completing an application with a loan officer.  No lender with a legitimate loan agency will do this.


If you are receiving any types of calls, emails, or letters from “lenders” suggesting that they are from a1DebtFree or tell you that they are representing a1DebtFree, be sure that you know the facts ahead of time:


a1DebtFree matches clients with lenders that are a part of our network; we will never direct you to a lender that is not located on our website, Any notifications or messages from a1DebtFree will come from an email routed to the domain or from our website chat.


a1DebtFree and any associated loan lenders will never ask you for any type of money or upfront frees to approve a loan, guarantee a loan, or to “insure” your loan. 


Lenders might ask and charge an interest rate lock fee, application fee, or appraisal fee after you begin to work with a loan officer.  a1DebtFree suggests that you use a credit card whenever you are to pay any type of fee, for your own protection. 


Any additional information regarding this issue can be found in this FTC notice about Advance-Fee Loan Scams.


What are your closing costs?


a1DebtFree does not charge or require any type of fee for using its services. Any lender that you are matched with will determine their own policy regarding any closing costs. Any lender that we might match with you will be able to discuss your specific situation once you apply for a loan.  Regrettably, there is no way for us to calculate the total of a lender’s associated closing costs or any other closing expenses that may be involved in the application process.


If I live outside of the United States, can I use a1DebtFree to find a loan?


Unfortunately, at this time, we are only able to service consumers located in the 50 US states.



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